Just the Beginning. . .


To pen these words carries the weight of hundreds of hours of heartfelt work, long moments of dreaming, and countless nights of choosing faith over fear.

It is true, in reality, it is really "Just the beginng" the beginning of officially opening Emanate Gallery Art and Framing to the world, the great revealing, the Grand opening of our doors for the first time. However, in a sense to think of this moment as the beginning somehow robs the breath out of the journey that we have been on over the course of the last few years.  Because, just as real as the coming moment this weekend, was the incredible story of how we got here. How we managed to believe for the impossible, to see Gods' hand carry us over walls and struggles, to reach deep into our resources and walk a road less traveled.

It has been a journey of personal discovery and learning that has invaded every area of our individual skill sets and vulnerabilities. At times the road has been alarming and full of the unexpected. Starting a business is chock full of adventure and risk that at times can challenge sanity and mandates humility. However, it is also full of the very intrigue that motivates our hearts, it is full of design and creativity, of choosing hope in the face of discouragement, patients in the face of worry, and perseverance in the face of apathy. 

In lots of ways, this weekend feels to us like a finish line as well, like a job well done! A grand celebration rather than a grand opening. We can feel the deep sense of appreciation as we stand in the space that our very own hands crafted. The beauty of the interior and the battle to create a space dedicated to the beauty of God's creativity expressed through art has left us speechless at times. And to be honest, we are so glad to finally have completed the buildout and are more than ready to see people streaming in engaging with our purpose in the community and enjoying the most valuable things to them.  

We are excited to host the best that this mountain culture can boast, to triumph people as they walk through our doors and to value each person as if the only one there. To give time for the unique and special in this world, to sit back and enjoy the extravagance of life, and to help others see that they too were created to thrive not just survive.

So yes, we can sense the great accomplishments of the past, feel the nervous flutter and excitement of finally being open, wondering if all the details will work out. But we can also feel the fulfillment of promise on its way as we near the end of one season and the beginning of another. We can stand on the ground of faith that our feet have grown so accustomed to treading these last few years.  We can see a finish line and hear the starting gun all at the same time. The end of one marathon and the beginning of another.  A whirlwind of celebration and adventure, but perhaps this is the way the abundant life is supposed to feel, full of chaos and confidence, a mix of order and spontaneity. 

So here is our invitation, please come join us this Saturday to celebrate our progress thus far and to gather with us in support for our future story. Come to purchase beautiful art and even design your own framing. We would love to share our hearts and space with you as we press forward into our "next beginning" together.


Grand Opening Celebration to be held at:

Emanate Gallery at The Crossing 

2030 Lake Tahoe Blvd.

South Lake Tahoe, CA. 96150

From 10:00am - 8:00pm

Raffel, Appetizers, and Drinks Available!!