The Making of a Dream


Memories flash through the movie script inside my head like a freight train cut loose as I penned the last page in my business startup notebook today. It was a trustee notebook, and made it to the end of it's long life this year without a cover page, tea stained, and hardly held together.

However, inside of it held the making of a dream. The tangible space where I hand wrote the things hidden inside my soul. It's pages contain the promises I held close as well as the practical  application of those intangible realities. It was a physical reminder of the decisions made to get to where I am today. It chronicled the choice to leave my safe construction job and step into the unknown for over a year. It documented the surprises of business ownership, and tackled the hard days of doubt associated with personal growth. It's composed of graphs, price lists, design sketches, and buildout Ideas. Essentially, everything you could imagine writing down in the process of working on a startup business. 

As I close the pages of this journal and put a new fresh journal in my binder; I was reminded of how much passion, energy, thought, and intention it takes to make a dream come true. I was overwhelmed by the emotions of sacrifice and victory, the fears, and growth that these pages witnessed. As many fellow dreamers, leaders, and business owners know: to craft a fulfilling, exciting, engaging lifestyle is no small task! However, the unending lure hidden inside the heart of each entrepreneur is rarely silent for long. The promise of better land looms ahead and one must learn that life is about risk. It's about taking a deep breath and leaping full heart forward into the things that remain uncreated deep inside your soul. 

I believe we are all like our Heavenly Father, we are Creators like Him and because of this I know that we are most alive not in the safety of mediocracy but in the live pursuit of the things that we know we were born to do. If you were born to sing then sing with all you have! If you were born to build then build unceasingly! If you were born to influence then influence the world! You are valuable and important and only you can manifest the dreams hidden inside of you! 

If I could give any nugget of value to those of you who are holding unfulfilled dreams inside today I would say that you will never be truly alive until you close the doors of fear behind you once and for all. You must take ahold of your own journal, open its page and write out the first page. It will be messy and most likely harder than you are currently imagining it to be. However, in my opinion the alternative to living with an alive heart is a cost to great to pay. Accepting less than your full potential is not the life you were created for. Today is the beginning of the biggest dream of your life!! Go seize the moments in front of you with all that you have my friends! For in the end it is beyond worth it!!

I would absolutely love to invite you into my journey in opening Emanate Gallery: art & framing! 


Lets sit down and dream together about the things still unfulfilled in your heart and celebrate the mutual lessons we have all learned in walking this road! If you want to be a business owner or join the crossing family, or buy art or framing give me a call! 

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