The Role of Beauty


The Role of Beauty

Yet again the relentless steam engine we call time plugs forward as we flip the page onto another blank canvas in our calendars. Though time can become an unyielding master in our journey toward an abundant life, and waking up without direction in life can happen quicker than we think, we do not have to let the monotony of our unchanging circumstances determine our response toward life or the wholehearted push towards our greatest dreams. 

As a result of living in a society dominated by achievement goals, website analytics, social commitments, and the stresses of making a living in a competitive marketplace; the landscape of our inner soul and personal happiness can easily become like an overgrown forest. We often fall prey to living aimlessly with very few experiences with beauty, reflection, creativity, and art in our day to day experience. 

I believe that an intimate personal interaction with beauty is like fertilizer to our emotional health and by neglecting its influence we allow our hearts to grow numb, and the time given to pursue our dreams gets used up in the name of “The Daily Grind”. 

In my personal journey of opening an art gallery, I have learned to love the effect that daily interaction with beauty has played in keeping my heart alive. Furthermore, my many engaging conversations with creative minded people has given me perspectives on life that I now cherish deeply. 

Interestingly enough, I never came from an art background, I couldn't paint to save my life and have only a growing understanding about who’s who in the art world to date. However, I love majesty! I recognize beauty, and understand the powerful role creativity plays in joyful living.  

So the question remains, why are the arts important in society today? 

I believe the answer lies hidden inside the very fabric of how we were created. Our hearts were made to experience beauty and it is the appreciation for its presence in our daily life that energizes our purpose and gives us clarity in our future pursuits! If individuals are living alive, then whole communities can live alive, if communities wake up from comatose than perhaps we can see nations rise above challenges and lead the charge to noble solutions across the globe. 

My challenge to you all is to give yourselves the permission and time to engage your heart again! Set aside time to make doing what you love a priority and little by little you will guard yourself from living with a numb heart. 

Cheers to Discovery!