Charlotte is a contemporary realist expressionistic painter whose use of bold and vibrant colors draws great respect and beauty. Charlotte grew to love the arts as a young girl having to overcome a childhood sickness that left her incapable of speaking louder than a whisper. She underwent multiple routine surgeries on her voice box during those early years of life and through this learned to be an observer, listening to conversations without contributing. Today Charlotte is able to speak in a normal tone but deeply believes those years spent in the quiet still greatly influences her art practice and the way she communicates. After completing an AA in 2008, and transferring to Sonoma State University to obtain my BFA in Painting with a minor in Art History; Charlotte now lives in beautiful South Lake Tahoe CA. with her family and hopes to one day return to school to obtain a masters degree and teach art.

Due to the various style choices as well as sizing options if you are interested in purchasing any piece of artwork seen on our website please contact us directly so we can custom design a solution that would best fit your intended application. Thanks for checking us out!