Dan Petersen is an acclaimed watercolorist, with a deep rooted appreciation and fascination for the Sierra Nevada High Country, or "God's Country" as he would call it. Since he was a young boy untill now, Dan has taken many trips into this beautiful country and has grown so found of the quality of light, clean air, crystaline waters, and amazing reflections found in the Sierras. With a masters degree in watercolor arts from San Jose, and over 40 years of experinence teaching watercolor, Dan Petersens amazing artistic ability is undeniable. His Skilfull use of watercolor is truly a sight to be seen, and often leaves a deep imprint of awe on your soul. Dan has devoted his lifes work to his art in hopes that his paintings will help open eyes to a new way of looking; that many would sense a greater appreciation for the beauty in our world... and that great homage would be given to the One who created it all. 

Due to the various style choices as well as sizing options if you are interested in purchasing any piece of artwork seen on our website please contact us directly so we can custom design a solution that would best fit your intended application. Thanks for checking us out!