David Foster is an international artist and sculptor specializing in traditional and contemporary fine art applications.  With a Masters of Fine arts Degree in sculpture from San Francisco State University, and years of teaching experience as the chairman of arts at Lake Tahoe Community College, David is one of the most honorable, talented and humble men you will ever encounter. His gentle, wholehearted, and passionate character is infectious, and in every way just as stunning as the beauty of his art. With a great deal of excellence to his craft and responsibility as an artist david believes each stone, like an individual person, is different; each stone possesses unique characteristics and actually has its own personality. Which is why he has made it his life's work as as Michelangelo once stated, "to release the sculpture which has been hidden within the stone." Every stone contains a sculpture and it is the sculptor's responsibility to release it. 

     As an visual artist David has found the human figure to be one of the the most compelling forms in nature and it has become a primary source of inspiration for his bronze, marble and terra-cotta sculpture. Providing him with great possibilities to express the power of intellect, expression, emotion, and spirit. His approach to sculpture is quite formalistic in his concern for proportion, contrapposto and spatial presence; while however, at the same time allowing for a departure from classical figure in his exploration of abstract form. His use of line, contour, shape, form, texture and movement all speak to the final dynamic outcome of his three-dimensional expressions. 

Due to the various style choices as well as sizing options if you are interested in purchasing any piece of artwork seen on our website please contact us directly so we can custom design a solution that would best fit your intended application. Thanks for checking us out!