Carnival en Cordova - Framed Limited Edition

Carnival en Cordova - Framed Limited Edition


Original Limited Edition Etching Print - 7/9

A true master of the fine art form of etching, Lynn Woodward has developed a very unique skill set to create these beautiful masterpiece prints.

In order to achieve the stunning dynamic tonal range in her colors as well as clean form, Lynn runs each original work across a dye covered hand etched copper plate, pressing the paper into one layer of color at a time. With great artistic skill and precision each original is certain to stir emotion and compliment your personal art collection.

*Price includes framing composition, if you wish to design a different framing composition, please contact us. (additional costs apply)

Framed Dimensions:

24.x5” (wide) x 27.5” (tall) x 1” (deep)

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