Courier began painting land, sky and tree-scapes, but has since been exploring painting water and the Western United States. Courier loves the challenge these scapes provide,

“The movement between water, earth, and sky fascinates me. I want to make the viewer feel as if they could step into the water, actually almost be able to smell the trees.” Courier now has relocated from her home state of Michigan to Denver, Colorado full time, where she enjoys hiking and searching for more to create.

Charlotte is a contemporary realist expressionistic painter whose use of bold and vibrant colors draws great respect and beauty. Charlotte grew to love the arts as a young girl having to overcome a childhood sickness that left her incapable of speaking louder than a whisper. She underwent multiple routine surgeries on her voice box during those early years of life and through this learned to be an observer, listening to conversations without contributing. Today Charlotte is able to speak in a normal tone but deeply believes those years spent in the quiet still greatly influences her art practice and the way she communicates. After completing an AA in 2008, and transferring to Sonoma State University to obtain my BFA in Painting with a minor in Art History; Charlotte now lives in beautiful South Lake Tahoe CA. with her family and hopes to one day return to school to obtain a masters degree and teach art.


Dan Petersen is an acclaimed watercolorist, with a deep rooted appreciation and fascination for the Sierra Nevada High Country, or "God's Country" as he would call it. Since he was a young boy until now, Dan has taken many trips into this beautiful country and has grown so found of the quality of light, clean air, crystalline waters, and amazing reflections found in the Sierras. With a masters degree in watercolor arts from San Jose, and over 40 years of experience teaching watercolor, Dan Petersen's amazing artistic ability is undeniable, and lends to his great honor as a celebrated artist with the American watercolor society as well as the National Watercolor Society. His Skillful use of watercolor is truly a sight to be seen, and often leaves a deep imprint of awe on your soul. Dan has devoted his life's work to his art in hopes that his paintings will help open eyes to a new way of looking; that many would sense a greater appreciation for the beauty in our world... and that great homage would be given to the One who created it all. 

Irina Cumberland is an incredibly talented artist who’s use of realism in her waterscapes will leave you speechless, and full of peace. Originally a native to the Ukraine, Irina moved to the states after meeting and marrying her American husband. Though Irina has always had an undeniable artistic talent she wasn’t fully able to pursue her dream of becoming an artist due to a number of people discouraging her pursuit of the arts. She instead managed to complete 8 years of medical school, all the while painting with every remaining free time she had. With the support and encouragement of her husband Irina finally decided to leave behind clinical medicine and pick up a new form of medicine in using fractal art to bring calm and peace into peoples experience. She traded her stethoscope for a paintbrush and hasn’t looked back since. Having been separated from her family during national war, learning a new language and culture, and experiencing great anxiety and difficulties to achieve her lifestyle Irina has become a wealth of courage, using her artwork to free many from the fear and stress that had bound her in the past.When viewing Irina’s paintings you will see the clear message of calm that resonates through her work. Enjoy!

Unexpected Joy

Nanette's ability to create art came as a surprise and unexpected joy. Nanette Oleson is an award-winning artist known for her dynamic brushwork and evocative impressionistic colors.  She uses colors to create an excitement and energy that make her art work come alive. Nanette’s paintings resonate with a passionate joy inspired by her love of gardening, the koi ponds in her yard, and frequent wilderness hikes accompanied by her  energetic border collie. She believes that art is a portal to the soul to energize, inspire and renew. Her paintings inspire hope, expressing with brilliant colors and lively brush strokes a spontaneous joy of life.”The ability to create art comes to me as an unexpected surprise and a gift from God. I want my paintings to reflect the joy He has given me in being alive.”

Debbie Griest’s passion to create art is inspired by her respect and appreciation for wildlife and nature.  She builds on her travel experiences through the savannas of Africa, the jungles of Central and South America, and the natural habitats throughout California and the US. These paintings of wildlife, landscapes, and scenes from nature provide a window into the beauty of our natural environment and a glimpse into the life of wild animals who radiate power, grace, dignity, and a presence.