we are all simply divine inspired clay, in the hands of the master potter.
— Benjamin Sullivan

Lynn Woodward is an acclaimed artist who has a multifaceted gift set, having mastered a wide range of artistic mediums from hand crafted pottery to creative printmaking she can express her talent in many outlets. As long time local to the Lake Tahoe region, Lynn lives in a way that takes ahold of the "good life" and never lets it go! She is full of vibrancy and enthusiasm that expresses itself in her various art forms. Lynn received a Master of Fine Arts degree from San Diego State University, where she studied printmaking and pottery. She has since instructed these mediums at California Western University, the Palo Alto Art Club, the Napa Valley Arts Council Education Program and at Lake Tahoe Community College. Besides just excelling in her signiture pottery designs, Lynn is also well known for her stunning impressionistic watercolor paintings of Tahoe landscapes and European countrysides and coastal towns.