“Vibrance & Awe”

Nanette Oleson & Benjamin JUstin

Saturday June 15, 2019 4-7:30pm

Nanette Oleson:

Nanette Oleson is an award-winning artist known for her dynamic brushwork and evocative impressionistic colors. Nanette uses color to create an excitement and energy that make her artwork come alive. Nanette’s paintings resonate with passionate joy inspired by her love of gardening, the koi ponds in her yard, and frequent wilderness hikes accompanied by her energetic border collie.

Benjamin Justin:

Benjamin Justin is an award winning fine art photographer whose works endeavor to produce visual encounters that clearly display the majestic beauty of his Father God emanating through creation and the hearts of lives of His people. As a child whose back yard was the Sierra Nevada mountains, Benjamin built deep roots with the beauty that surrounded him there, and has lived with a contagious joy to share the majesty and peace that is so evident in these wild places. True to his film beginnings, Benjamin greatly enjoys crafting each shot as its own masterpiece; putting great thought, technical creativity, and intention into the final composition, with the hope to inspire wonder in all who see his artworks.

“Refreshing Shades”

Michelle Courier & Irina Cumberland

Saturday - Sunday, June 29-30th 4-7:30pm

Michelle Courier:

Michelle Courier is a fine art acrylic painter whose stunning works cover a breathtaking range of subject matter. From tree-scapes to waterscapes, Courier’s paintings have a playful impressionism that maintains the true to life beauty of the places she paints. A daughter of a professional painter, Courier’s love for creating beauty runs deep in her blood.

Irina Cumberland:

Irina Cumberland is an incredibly talented oil painter who has dedicated her life’s work to bringing peace and healing through the use of fractal paintings. Originally from Ukraine, Cumberland studied medicine before moving to the USA. She now focuses her life’s work on painting waterscapes to bring calm for others through a different kind of medicine She has developed a painting style that highlights the naturally occurring fractal patterns and colors on canvas. Each of her paintings is specifically design to maximize the calming effects of shapes, colors, and scenery.

“Internal Reflections”

Charlotte Castillo & Brad Scott

Saturday - Sunday July 6-7th 4-7:30pm

Charlotte Castillo:

Charlotte Castillo is a classically trained oil painter. Her bold free flowing style and bright color palette create unforgettable and provocative art. Blending both portraiture and landscape, Castillo creates to tell her story.

Brad Scott:

Brad Scott is a fine art landscape and aerial photographer who has dedicated his professional life to seeking out unique angles that not only show the beauty and power that he sees but also shares the feeling and emotion that he has when capturing these moments in time. Brad's Photography and Videography take him all over the world to places many only dream of going. Born in England, but native to South Lake Tahoe, Scott’s work certainly freezes beautiful moments in time, and presents them to the world full of wonder and power.