Sierra Splendor

Dan Petersen & Benjamin Justin

Saturday & Sunday, August 24th - 25th

Dan Petersen:

Among my earliest and fondest memories are Sunday rides from home in California’s flatland up to the Sierra High Country. When we arrived it seemed like we were half way up to Heaven! I know that this is a response that most of us share — I choose to call it experiencing a “Sierra High.” I have been blessed to be able to pursue the challenge of capturing on paper, my reaction to this “High Experience” through the elements of shape, tone, and color. I have had the privilege of sharing this spirit with collectors near and far.

I find fulfillment in capturing the mood of this pristine place with the hope that my vision will open your eyes to a new way of looking; a greater appreciation for the beauty in our ultimate goal is to pay homage to the One who created it all and allowed us the privilege to live in it and look at it.

Benjamin Justin:

From the undeniable radiance of laughter to the grader of endless majesty stretching to the horizon, beauty is all around us. Everywhere I look I find opportunity to enjoy the vast ocean of my creators heart. I learned through that struggle how to rise above discouragement and practice thankfulness for the power to overcome! Now I fully realize that there is a constant light within every story, a powerful courage that stands in direct contrast to the flood of pain that can come our way.

 When I head into the wilderness and shoot fine art photographs, I find so much satisfaction preserving the beautiful things in life. I find myself more and more wanting to just simply pause, and enjoy the endless light within each moment. It is my goal to help capture these memories and gift them back as stunning reminders of what is most important in life.