The Light shines not around us but within us
— Ansel Adams

Benjamin Justin is an acclaimed photographer whose artistic work focuses on the revealing of the great majesty and beauty that surrounds us each day. From the early morning, sun soaked mountain tops, to the unique story told in the deep facial lines of an indeginous villager his passion is to display openly the one of a kind beauty that emanates from all of us. Benjamin is not merely a cameraman but in truth, a highly loved storyteller, hope filled dreamer, speaker, and world changer.      

Born in England and spending most of his childhood in South Lake Tahoe, CA, Brad was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by beauty. He was always fascinated by Nature and everything it had to offer. Huge mountain peaks, powerful ocean waves, glassy lakes, and deserts as far as the eye could see. Brad picked up a camera in middle school and never looked back. Now he is always seeking out unique angles that not only show the beauty and power that he sees but also shares the feeling and emotion that he has when he captures these moments in time. Brad's Photography and Videography takes him all over the world to places many only dream of going. Brad has developed a real passion and expertise in Aerial Photography and is FAA Part 107 Certified to use Small UAS otherwise known as Drones to capture unique low altitude aerial imagery. Brad Also loves to capture aerial images from helicopter with the doors off to get a crystal clear aerial photo of the beautiful landscapes.